Road tripping

As the stash of wild structures quickly grows in our driveway I am reminded of projects past. We've seen it all before but never on this kind of scale in so short a time. In years past we would build and transport one feature at a time. We have transported many, many fun loads through the years.

One of the most fun was to West Edmonton Mall in Alberta, a distance of about one thousand miles from our shop. We designed and built a space ship sign, complete with Cosmo, an alien. We rigged a sturdy stand and tied him and his flying saucer to the flat deck trailer. I decided to keep him out in the open for the trip, figuring a tarp flapping against the feature would do more harm than the bugs we would splatter on the way. I also knew it would also be a whole lot more fun than transporting a tarped load. The weather was fine and warm and the roads clear. We turned every head along the way for the entire thousand miles. Each time we stopped an instant crowd would gather, curious about our unusual and colorful load. It was a great trip!

I can only imagine how the folks in Trinidad will react as we open container after container, fourteen in all, filled to the brim with features and then pull the massive contents out into the sunshine. It makes me grin just thinking about it. It's going to be the most fun yet.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment