Another typical day

Today was another busy workday. There's nineteen benches now welded and wired, along with two trees, a horse and cart, three balance beams, a crawl log and half a pirate ship. Other pieces are in the works. Jack is now working on the cannons with great delight. 

The KRAKEN is coming along nicely. I enlisted the help of Angie today, her very first day of welding. She did awesome and caught on quickly. She did most of the welding on the tail section of the KRAKEN along with filling in much of the body. 

By the end of the day much of the frame was done and the wirers had snuck into the front section to begin their work.

THE KRAKEN did claim two victims today...  Jenessa and TJ got a little close to the giant beak and before we knew it they were inside...

It was another great and fun week!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment