A frame of monstrous proportions

Work continues on the frame for the Kraken today with the primary frame now complete. The four tallest tentacles are removable for transport.  We took it outside for a test fit (its too big fully assembled) for inside the shop. The crew just had to ham it up a little during the shoot.

Once the test fit was done we removed the high tentacles and then pulled it back into the shop to resume work on the frame. We are down to welding up the pencil rod frame now. It involves shapeing and forming the rod and then welding it into place as a grid, over which we will fit the expanded mesh and then sculpt the fiberglass reinforced concrete.

We do one side first and then do our best to match the other. Details like the beak between the tentacles take a fair amount of time and many welds to form. Hundreds of feet of pencilrod are used.

Tomorrow should mark some pretty fair progress on the frame. I'll be posting pictures for sure. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment