Finishing touches

With the park owner in town from Trinidad my time of late has been busy working on the final details for the project there. A few changes are still being contemplated to make the park even better. To help us make better decisions we are spending time daily up at the Cultus Lake Adventure Park, observing people and seeing what they enjoy most at the park. Our observations will help us make the next project even better.

Each time I return to the park I am delighted as more and more landscape materials are put in place. The change is simply amazing. I am anxious to do a full photo shoot of the park which will come soon. In today's post I thought I would share one great pair of photos to show the dramatic change the plant material makes.

The first picture below is one I took just after we finished our painting a week ago. The pool had been filled and things were looking pretty good.



The second picture I took this evening. The sign lights have been installed and the boats now roam in the water. A beautiful small tree and other plants now live in the planter. They framed the same view perfectly.

It is the same throughout the park as more and more areas are planted. Stay tuned for pictures.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment