One more tree

Each day one more piece of the giant jigsaw puzzle is put into place. Although the work done each day is relatively the same, sometimes the changes we see are subtle and other days it looks like a big deal. Today it looked like a big change.

Peter and the crew were working on one of our gateposts in the driveway. Today the concrete was applied and the carving was skillfully handled. I was busy for the most part in a number of meetings and at my design desk. My hands-on efforts were not required for the Pete and the crew did a marvelous job.

A gate is critical on our property. Security is not the primary issue. It is a matter of privacy as people can't seem to keep themselves from driving up our driveway to get a good look if they are able. It happens many times each day if the gates are left open. But, like the house and shop we simply couldn't settle for ordinary looking gates and posts. They had to be just a little over the top and also match the house.

The carving looks great with wonderful details like the hearts snuck into the design in a number of places. The hole through the center is for the paper boy to stuff the news paper, saving him a bunch of steps to the house.

Once the tree is all painted up we'll plant some flowering vines to grow up to the top and then spread their foliage over our sculpture bringing it to life in the process. It's going to be pretty cool when it's finished. Well done crew!

-grampa dan


Dan Sawatzky2 Comments