Gateway to the future

With only a few days now left before the wedding preparations are in full swing. Concrete sidewalks and decks around the yard are in place. The driveway sports fresh pavement and most areas of the house exterior are now complete. The last of the sod comes tomorrow and a few last flowers and shrubs will follow. But not just yard work is being done. There are of course some special preparations being made to ensure Hailey and Peter's day is extra special. One such item is a stone portal which will be moved to their property after the wedding. For the ceremony it will serve as the backdrop for the celebration. Last week Peter and the crew were busy welding, wiring and mudding the giant structure. It was allowed to cure over the weekend and today the painting process was begun.

Tomorrow we'll carefully fill in the soil and tamp fresh sod around the base to make it look like the arch has been there forever. Excitement is building as we make the final preparations for the big day.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment