Landscape progress

There aren't many straight lines in the landscaping of our yard, save for where they are needed. The walk to the back door is one of them. Curved lines will be featured on the rest of the walkways. The beams and posts get their paint tomorrow which means the scaffolding can hopefully disappear permanently tomorrow night.

The crew is almost finished the concrete work on the back area by the lawn mower room. The sculpted concrete wall provides great privacy and acts as a great sound barrier for the back yard.

We've begun work on the final shaping of the gigantic lawn area and things are coming along quickly. Laying of the turf will begin early next week. Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow. The paving crew arrives for their first day tomorrow as well doing the final dressing of the gravel in preparation for the paving on Saturday. We are almost done with the dust and gravel on our property and I'm glad!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment