Final version?

Imagine planning every detail for a theme park five thousand miles away. That's my job. It's both fun and challenging.

The plan for the project in Trinidad is now in it's tenth iteration and this should be the final go. We've gone over every detail, shuffling things around, adding and taking away as necessary. A single change oftne means having to make three more to make everything work together. Now, in the tenth version the changes are small.

I have the plan solidly in my head, plenty to build the park. But in this case I will only be on site on occasion. This means the plans need to be more detailed for I have to pass the vision to others to build all of the infrastructure and buildings. Our job will be to ice the cake that someone else gets to build using my recipe.

Current work is to locate every feature, the fence lines and determine the location and grade of the landscape.

Fifteen months from now it will all be real as life.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment