The day dawned bright and warm, perfect for painting. Our goal was to finish all of our creative work in Cultus Lake Adventure Park today - a tall order. The team fanned out across the park, each knowing their task. Rocks were speckled, grout was painted. Fence posts were glazed, light fixtures were aged, signs were lettered, tools and supplies were packed away. Everything was triple checked and touched up as necessary. It was a busy place with trades of every description also wrapping up their tasks anlong side of our team. The soft opening of Cultus Lake Adventure Park is now ony a day or two away, depending on weather. But our team was determined to finish our work before quitting time today. There were no major changes in the park today for our work was mostly little stuff all through the park. It was a busy day but I'm happy to report we pulled it off. We are officially finished our creative work in Cultus Lake Adventure Park.

With much landscape and cleanup work yet to be done by the park crew it will be a few days before I get good pictures. I'll post them then. In the meantime I did manage to get one shot across the bumper boat pond of the lighthouse. The waterfall is yet to be turned on and the plants are still missing in the upper planters but it still looks pretty cool. It sums up how I feel about our project. Calm and satisfied.

This was an incredible opportunity for our company. It was our pleasure to work with the owners of the park and their construction team to realise our most creative project to date. Thanks to my wonderful and hard working team!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments