Second to last day.

Amazingly, we will achieve substancial completion of our current project one whole day before the gates open. With rain forecast for Friday, the day before opening, our crew pulled out all the stops to do most of the remaining painting today. Tomorrow a partial crew will finish the remaining posts and rocks. Final touchups will be done as well. We are weeks ahead of where we figured we would be when we started the project. A hard working team and good weather allowed us to get ahead of schedule.

I spent my last full day in Cultus Lake Adventure Park with my head down, painting the western creek bed and pond rocks with Peter. 

The sculpted concrete work that we had labored on for so long suddenly came alive. Tomorrow water will flow and the wheel will turn under it's power. The setting sun caused lens flare but I still mamaged to grab this shot of the culvert It turned out just as I imagined, a highlight for those who take the time to look.

It was high fives and big smiles as we walked around at the end of a long workday, taking note of the relatively short list of projects not yet finished.

-grampa dan

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