Closing in on opening day

With everyone on our crew really excited about the park opening (in only three working days) we are pushing hard to realize our projects. The weatherman forecast rain today but the sky was only gray this morning. We decided to chance the rain and just go for it. Our gamble paid off as only a few drops fell mid morning. Plastic sheets were at the ready but not necessary.

It was a day to catch up on some small details that have been bugging me. I painted a black outline around the letters on the Bucky's sign making it read a whole lot better from a distance.

The plasma cut carousel horse gate handles were installed today. They will be allowed to aquire a rust patina like the gates and fences.

With the pool pumps finally operational we tested the waterwheel today. My backyard engineeering proved to be just fine as the wheel turned at just the right speed with the water pushing it underneath. I'll post a video soon. There was no time for a movie today as the wheel only ran a few minutes before the pool and waterway were drained again so we can paint it tomorrow.

The rope bridges are nearing completion and looking fabulous. Kids are going to love them! The views from the treehouse are great!

Tomorrow the weatherman is promising warm temperatures and sunshine. We'll be making the best of it to be sure!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments