The plan comes together

I consider myself a designer and maker of signs but I think of signs different than any signmaker I know. The signs I design are all three dimensional of course but I also design the area around the signs which are often a bigger project than the signs themselves. In the case of the current project the signs were but a small part. Everything in the whole park, including the signs, needed to tell a story, to entertain in a grand fashion.

As the project nears completion it is cool to see the original visions fulfilled, often better than I imagined at my drawing board. I walked through the park today. All was quiet and it gave me time to really look at what we have created. It made me smile.

I snapped a couple pictures tonight of things that worked out pretty well. I'll grab a whole bunch more in coming days when the light is right for each shot and as the areas get cleaned up and landscaped.

Its kinda fun when a plan comes together.

-grampa dan


Dan SawatzkyComment