Two more areas done

Each time we finish another area of the park the team is spread out less and the remaining work seems to go faster. Today we completed the painting in two areas. The Happy Horse Saloon is now finished as is Bucky's Bumper Boat island.

As the team works closer together and the job finishes spirits are high among the crew. Along with that things seem to get sillier than ever. At lunch today Sarah decided to attempt to climb into the skeleton, much to the amusement of the crew.

Becke and Jenessa were headed up into the mountain to paint the rocks by the planters which had partially filled with water from recent rains. The solution was some fancy new boots which they happily modeled for us.

As we packed up the brushes and paints at quitting time they announced a need for test riders on the Windmill Drop ride - just made working today. Our crew eagerly volunteered.

The ride works great! It seems much higher on the ride than from below. While we were briefly at the top I grabbed a picture of the south east corner of the park from a brand new angle.

With the weather now looking great through right up to opening day next Saturday we will be working hard to make the best of it. Our hope is to finish the park before the gates open. That's something I didn't think was remotely possible right from the start but now it just might be. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment