One more area off the to-do list

With the weather doubtful this morning we decided it was a good day to pack up all the things we no longer needed on site and take them back to the studio. We first loaded the box trailer with the small bits and then the flat deck with the larger pieces. Rather than strike our tent we tied it onto the trailer for the careful journey back home. Thankfully the shop is only ten minutes down the road.

By the time I returned to the site after two trips home the weather had turned fair again. We broke out the paint brushes and got busy painting once more. By the end of the day the western building was complete, including the bike rental area.

With GREAT weather starting tomorrow and a whole week left before opening we may just be able to pull off all the painting BEFORE the gates open next Saturday. We will certinly give it out very best try. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment