The pace quickens

Concrete pour days are always a little more frantic than usual. The construction guys were busy creating the final grades and putting in the last of the forms. Our crew scrambled to stay ahead with the paint. The giant pumper dominates the scene while the massive drum trucks feed it endlessly. At the business end of the hose the concrete placing crew spreads the concrete and trowels it level. Normal paths of travel are blocked. Everything changes dramatically as the smooth replaces the gravel that now lies underneath. In the morning the scene looked like this...

By afternoon the view was very different...

Besides the painting our crew was doing through the park we aso installed two signs today. The first was the Happy Horse sign for the saloon.

The second sign to be installed today was the Pedal Power by the Hour sign for the bike rental area. We welded it to the pole that was fdug into the ground. did the last of the pencil rod frame and wired on the mesh in preparation for the last of the sculpted concrete work tomorrow.

Eight more working days before the gates swing open.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment