Rain, rain, go away

With only fourteen work days left before the park opens and plenty to do we were a little disappointed to waken to a rainy morning - despite the weatherman's prediction of it ending before we woke up. As soon as the crew arrived it was time to break out the plastic and rig the tarps. The crew managed to paint more than a hundred feet of wall (both sides) before they were called away to carve woodgrain into fresh concrete.

Peter, Matt, Jenessa and I were laying on the concrete under the eaves of the saloon and on the little cabin by the lake. We had previously done all parts that could get wet if it rained. The crew worked hard all day and we made great progress. The Happy Horse Saloon concrete work is now done. We'll wrap up the cabin by the lake tomorrow. It won't be long until we can take the cement mixer back to the shop.

The big news today was the lifting and installation of the last large prefabricated piece - the giant beam on the west gateway.

As soon as the beam was securely in place Jack fired up the welder to finish off the welded steel pencil rod on the fence. Tomorrow, our goal is to finish the wiring and then do up the concrete on the very tall posts. The last two light standards and all of the remaining facia will get the sculpted concrete. We have one day of air weather before the rain begins once more.

The race to the finish line is on - rain or shine.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment