Ship shape

With the contract now in effect for the Skallywag Bay Adventure Park project in Trinidad I am beginning the preliminary work. The crew won't officially begin until the beginning of August, after the Cultus Lake project is wrapped up. But in the meantime I can design some files in the evenings and keep the CNC router turning out the pieces for the future. The first pieces were for one of the main signs. It will feature a full on 3D pirate ship, a small version of the one we will build full size for the adventure golf centerpiece.

I built a 3D file of the ship's hull and then sliced it into layers so we could cut it from 2" thick pieces of Precision Board high density urethane (HDU). Today I put a sheet of Precision Board on the MultiCam CNC router and set the machine in motion. Then I headed out to do some tractor work in the yard. When I finished the work the router had done it's magic too.

I couldn't resist fitting the pieces together for a test fit to see how it would look when we were done. I liked what I saw!

There is lots and lots of hand work to do yet of course to add in all of the many details. That of course will have to wait a few more weeks until the Cultus Lake project is complete. I can hardly wait!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment