Team effort

It is so good to be able to work with Peter on a daily basis. He takes care of many details through each workday, making my job much easier in the process. Peter is also working with me on the design of new projects. One of the projects we are working on together is the design of the characters for Trinidad park. He has come up with a number of character ideas. His years of experince as an animator are being put to good use. He sketches them out the characters and then emails the digital files to me to redraw in the same style as the first half dozen. His first character was Marvin the mechanic.

It is quick work to re-draw the idea in my pen and ink style.

Marvin and the other characters is joined by Fredrick as well.

More characters are in the rough design stage awaiting the final artwork. I'll be posting them soon. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan