I often get asked what we do when our concrete gets hard before we finish carving it. The answer is we simply don't let it get to that state.

Each day Marty is doing a fabulous job mixing our special blend of magic mud. He knows when we need it sticky for upside down areas. When we do rocks he knows to mix it a little firmer. And the rest of the time he serves it up smooth as butter making it easy to apply at full speed. Peter and I go as fast as we can, covering a lot of area each day.

Today was a day of posts. We mudded in excess of 30 posts as well as a bunch of rockwork. Each post needed detailed wood grain carved into it - no small task. One crew member, Jenessa, was assigned to keep an eye on things and when the time was right she and Kendra were to begin the carving process. But they had little hope of keeping up with Peter and I with our large trowels, especially in the hot afternoon sun. As more and more concrete became ready for carving the call went out for more carvers to drop the other tasks they were doing and join the fray. Concrete waits for no one!

As quitting time approached everyone had joined the sculpting team, either carving or cleaning up the crumbles and mess left behind. They work as a marvelous team, helping each other as neccesary. Scaffold is slid into position or out of the way as they worked. On posts they often work in pairs, each taking one side. One person takes the lead, setting the style and direction of the grain while the other blends their work into it. 

In the same order as the mud was applied it is carved and as a team we manage to carve the concrete at the same rapid pace it was applied. There are more team members working out of frame but in this shot eleven skilled people are scrambling to get today's job done.

Today was also the day the engineers certified the ferris wheel which meant the entire crew got to take the first official test ride. As we rode around I grabbed this picture of the Wilderness Adventure area. It shows the concrete work now complete except for the gold panning trough.

It was anther great day on site - thanks to the efforts of the entire team!

-grampa dan


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