Gruffle characters

The wave swinger ride in Trinidad is to be called the Yardarm Twist, It will be custom made and decorated to fit the theme of the park. One of our tasks is to come up with the paint scheme. We decided to showcase the Gruffles who 'built' this land. Each of the upper panels will honor one of the characters - sixteen in all.

Some have already been created as we did the park design. Skallywag is of course the pirate king.

Kookie is the chef who prepares the meals and owns the restaurant in the establishment.

Twister owns and operates the Yardarm Twist.

Ernest, the Engineer operates the train that circles the land.

New faces are being added until we get to the required sixteen Gruffle pirates. Dug is the gardener when he isn't out pirating..

We aren't quite sure what Spex does.

Stay tuned for more as they are created.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment