In with the new

Our old paddle mixer has been feeling it's age for some time. It has served us well for more than twenty years. When it was last painted we chose lavender to remind those who operated it that it was indeed a 'purple people eater' and dangerous if not respected.  It has outlived two electric motors and is on the second gas powered one. It is caked with concrete so thick the purple no longer shows through. The paddles are bent and of late the bearings are so worn it makes quite the racket and wobbles more than a little. Rebuilding it doesn't make much sense. It was time for a new one which arrived today.

The new one is heavy duty, shiny and very colorful. Hailey asked me what it's name is as all of our big tools have a name. There was only one possible name it could proudly wear...   JULIUS.  :)

-grampa dan