Dreaming up details

A theme park requires a great deal of planning. The park project in Trinidad requires more than usual on account of the distance. Popping over to work out a detail as the park is build won't always be an option. So now is the time to work out as many details as possible with the engineers and planners. The park layout and track path are now set and we are moving on to the building details. The trickiest structure will be the train station and so we are starting with that part of the project.

The engineers and planners reference my notes, drawings and comments and then translate them into the required technical drawings which will be used to build the actual structures. It is a process that works well to ensure the end result lives up to the original vision. Over the next weeks of planning and well into the construction process I'll be making a myriad of similar quick drawings to communicate my vision of the park details

-grampa dan 

Dan SawatzkyComment