Tunnel vision

Some areas of the park will be virtually invisible to our guests - except those who really take the time to look. For this reason we spend just as much time working on these areas. One such area is the tunnel under the main walkway. A small stream will flow through it.

The tunnel is visible from three locations for those who take the time to look. The pathway down to Bucky's Bumper Boats crosses a small bridge. To the right is the stream tunnel. Most guests will focus on the bumper boats and the colorful island we have created but the occasional one may glance to the right and even bend down to take a look. 

The second location to get a glimpse of the tunnel is from inside the maze of caves which we created under the walk way. One small portal looks into this tunnel but the way is blocked by steel bars. Most likely only our smaller guests will view the stream from here as the tunnel portal is pretty low.

The third location to look through the tunnel will be from the barrel bridge. These guests too will be pretty occupied, trying to stay balanced on the wobbly rope bridge but the occasional one is sure to look deep into the long tunnel.

Yesterday Peter and I spent considerable time hunched over in the tunnel preading two coats of mud on the ceiling. When it had hardened some Brando and TJ were sent in to smooth things out with the sponges.

The tunnel will get it coats of paint next and then we'll add the stones in the stream. We are not yet finished working in this low and cramped space. Hopefully the odd guest will appreciate our efforts.

-grampa dan