Great wall of Cultus lake

Today was a landmark day - the first day of 'MUD' onsite. Like every first day we had to get things sorted out and set up. First batches of new mud had to be tested. We had to work out a plan to get the freshly mixed 'MUD' (fiberglass reinforced concrete) from the mixer to where we would apply it. It was decided I would do inside the fence and Peter would handle the outside. TJ and Marty took turns mixing and delivering the heavy mud. As they passed me they made a quick stop and four buckets were heaved over the low fence. Then they continued to deliver the balance to Peter. It took us six hours to apply the mix to about 150 feet of two sided fenceline. After last coffee break everyone dropped what they were doing and started carving. The task was to carve the applied concrete a little faster than it went on, starting at the beginning and going to where we ended. With the mud applied there was no stopping unti we were done.

Most of the crew stayed past normal quitting time for about half an hour to finish the task. Thirty-eight batches of concrete were mixed and applied on our first day of mud. We managed a bit more than one hundred and fifty feet of double sided fence plus four small posits and two large ones.

The transparent mesh wall is now solid and and permanent.

After 37 large batches of mud I'll bet the crew will sleep good tonight. I know I sure will!

-grampa dan 


Dan SawatzkyComment