Fun with a twist

Designing projects is always challenging and fun. Being allowed to be as creative as we can possibly be takes it over the top. With each project we do our best to raise the bar ever higher.

The signs for the project in Trinidad are currently on my drawing board. With each sign for the attractions we seek to inform, tell the story and also build excitement and anticipation. This is entertainment at it's best.

The climbing wall will have a staircase up to the top. Here we will invite guests to JUMP about fifty feet to the bottom. They will of course don a harness, and hook into a mechanism that gives them a rapid but controlled descent. The climbing surface (SKULL ROCK) will have a giant skull on top. Guest (with enough courage) will jump out of the mouth.

In keeping with the pirate theme we called the attraction WALK THE PLANK. Here's the proposed design.

The next dimensional sign I was working on tonight was for the swing ride. Guests sit in chairs attached to the top structure with long chains. They are then whipped around in circles.( The attraction is much too roundy-round for my liking) We first researched nautical terms and phrases and loved the term Yard Arm. On old windjammer ships they used a boat swain's chair (BOSUN's CHAIR) to get up into the rigging which was remarkably like our chairs on the swing ride. Putting it all togeher we named the ride YARDARM TWIST. Our gruffle character will be riding the bosun's chair.

It all makes me wonder how it could possibly be more fun?

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment