Putting the cart before the horse

Today the PURPLE PEOPLE EATER made the journey up to the worksite. The purple people eater is our paddle mixer used to make our special blend of concrete mud. When it needed a paint job a number of years ago we painted it a light purple color (now faded some) and gave it it's name. The reason was to remind all the crew that use it that this machine can indeed be dangerous. The whirling blades are DANGEROUS if used improperly. No one is allowed to put their hands (or any other body part) anywhere near the machine when it is running.

The arrival of the machine on site means that the fiberglass reinforced concrete sculpting begins TOMORROW! Or if it is raining (which is what is forecast) the concrete work will begin the day after.

With a family event planned for our property this coming weekend it was time for a little spring cleaning out in front of the shop. This meant it was time to load the last feature for the project up at the lake. These were among the first pieces completed for the project back in the early fall of last year. The wagon was the first to load onto the trailer. The horse was last and as I used the forklift to set it down on the trailer it made me smile for I was indeed putting the cart before the horse. But not to worry, for we'll get it right up at the site when they are set into their permanent position.

Hailey tweaked her wrist late last week and so has spent the last days painting the last of the signs in the shop. Here she is applying the color to the Summit Trading Post sign.

With 59 working days to go before opening the push is ON!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment