Worth the wait

We built and installed the lighthouse/sign up at Giggle Ridge back in the early fall of last year. Then it turned cold and so we went on to other things until it warmed up once more. There was still a bunch of work to do around the base to tie it into the bumper boat pool. Through the fall and winter we welded the structural steel and the pencil rod frame. The galvanized lath followed and then it sat waiting for the warmer weather.

Today at long last it was time to do the concrete work around the lighthouse. As always it was a team effort. Marty mixed the mud, Jeff ran the wheelbarrow between the mixer and pool and carried the heavy buckets across the pool. Peter and I applied the mud and when it was time to carve the whole crew jumped in to do the skillful task.

And when the carving was done everyone helped out on the massive cleanup.

The end result is a bumper boat pool like no other in the world. It will look even better when we apply the paint and better yet when they add water and colorful boats to the pool.

The good news is the forecast for next week calls for wall to wall sunshine and warmer temps. We should get LOTS done! Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment