When it rains it pours

Today the weather forecast wasn't very good. It called for rain but a bright afternoon. We decided we could mud the upper portions of the building as long as we stayed under the overhang. But by first coffee break the sun came out and we could see lots of blue sky. We decided to go for the gusto and do up the facia boards as well. It would be nice to finish off the upper portion of the front of the building! We got a good start before the first shower hit but it just sprinkled and then the sun came out again. About half way through another shower passed by but it was brief and the sun returned again. Just before lunch as we were getting close to having the facias done the clouds again rolled in and this time the rain got serious. We ran for the plastic to cover things up and hoped for the best.

Thankfully the rain did little damage and by after lunch the sun again broke through the clouds. We made great progress thanks to the efforts of the entire crew. There was a LOT wood grain on a LOT of boards to carve. By the end of the day the building was transformed yet again and looking pretty cool. This is the view as guests will view it from the path to the west.

From the lower lineup area the whole front of the building is visible. The lower roof facia and one gable facia still needs the mud work. That will happen on Friday if the weatherman delivers as promised. You can see a bit of the blue base coat starting to go on as well.

To get a look at the whole picture and how everything fits together you have to back up way into the parking lot. It is going to be pretty spectacular when we are done!

So today was a day of ups and downs as far as weather. We got a little wet but the mud survived and lots got done. A good day after all.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment