Instant forest

This morning dawned wet and cool - not the perfect day for mudding outside. Even so the deadline gets closer every day and we need to press on. Marty fired up the cement mixer and TJ did the last of the wiring we needed in order for us to apply the concrete to the beam and trees under the main building overhang. The rest of the crew scattered to covered spots to apply the galvanized mesh. There's not many left but we can still handle a few rainy days yet before we have to resort to working under tarps.

Peter and I set up the small rolling scaffolds and we set to work, starting at the far end of the long beam. There was sixty feet of beam and six tall tree posts to get covered as fast as we could in order to allow time for us to carve before quitting time. And that we did. Marty mixed up twenty-seven batches of concrete (the record is forty) which is pretty good for working on tricky overhead work on scaffolds. Peter and I carved the trees while Matt did the overhead beam and we finished without going into overtime today. The sun came out in the late afternoon as we finished things off.

As it does every time, the look of the building instantly changed as the columns went from see through mesh to solid trees. Each day another piece of the park is mudded and carved bringing final shape to the project in a hurry. Tomorrow we hit it once more.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment