Hitting the wall

I've spent the last two days in meetings in regaard to our next project. The primary engineer and site supervisor was visiting from Trinidad. He toured our current project which is similar in many ways. The goal in the last days was to get the engineers here and there onto the same page in regard to standards and expectations. We discussed methods and timelines for the project. In only two days we accomplished a lot and the time was well spent.

While I was in meetings our crew has been exceptionally busy on site. Today, although a bit on the damp side was still a very productive day. The fiberglass reinforced concrete was applied and carved on the entire first floor of the Summit Trading Post building. It was an amazingly productive day. I sure appreciate the extraordinary efforts of our crew in the last days! I only had tome for one quick picture before I had to head to the airport with our guest. Tomorrow I'll get some better shots.

Tomorrow I'll be back on site and slinging the mud with the crew. Our goal...  complete the one hundred and twenty feet of caves in the Wilderness Adventure. It's going to be a true challenge!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment