As the end of the project comes into sight the work we do becomes more and more finished in nature as the final surfaces take shape. Teams are busy all through the project. Inside the buildings the drywall is being applied. Our team is working on four primary areas. The last of the welding is coming together quickly. The applying of the diamond lath still has a ways to go. The fiberglass reinforced concrete is coming along quickly. The front wall of the park was polished off today and it looks great.

The mountain top got some of it's color today and the building suddenly disappeared becoming a mountainside of note.

Elsewhere in the park work continues as well. The last of the services will go in this week, wrapping up that monstrous part of the project. The next of the rides installation also they began the carousel ride assembly. This part of the park is now all defined and getting colorful. The signs and features we made now fit in perfectly and complete the picture .

It is exciting to see the original vision come alive. Stay tuned to watch it happen.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment