Three more in the series

Today the crew worked hard on all manner of projects. Two more cacti and two large rocks were sculpted. The last operator's booth got it's last concrete work today. The painters also were busy laying on the many coats of paint and glazes. Tomorrow four more pieces roll out of the door to make room for other projects. The boys were also busy welding up and wiring scores of rocks for the mountain.

Sarah got a good workout mixing epoxy for both Peter and I. Peter did the sculpted portion of the trading post sign, mimicking the mountain top that looms overhead.

I was busy sculpting two smalller pieces. The first was the snake for the Apothecary sign.

With a little help from Peter I also did the armadillo for the hotel sign. He turned out pretty cool.

Both Peter and I had an absolute blast this week sculpting up these projects. They will look even better when they are all painted up. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment