Nobody here but us chickens

It is amazing how time flies by so quickly. From time to time I am reminded of just how fast it goes.

It was twenty years ago I did up some artwork for a play at the Chemainus Dinner Theatre. I had designed the theatre a year or two before and happily supported the productions there. One of the things I did was draw up some poster artwork for one of the plays. It was called CHICKENS. It was one of my earlier cartoon animals and I enjoyed drawing it immensely. As I recalled I found it easier back then to do a quick little sculpt with plasticene and then use that as a reference for my drawing. Those early efforts helped build my confidence as an artist and were part of my success to this day.

But twenty years is a long time and I had long forgotten about that chicken poster - until I got an email the other day from the writer of the play to use that same artwork for the twentieth anniversary edition of the play. The original artwork is packed away somewhere and I didn't locate it on my first quick search. I decided it was easier to ask him if he had some printed form of it to use for reference. He provided a teeny-weeny low resolution picture of an album cover which was good enough. I then redrew a digital version for the current poster.

It was fun to revisit some artwork and ideas from so long ago. As I redid the drawing I also found myself fondly revisiting memories from that same era, remembering experiences and friends from a place we no longer live.

Although that old artwork still pleased me I couldn't resist making some slight tweaks to improve a couple of little things. There is always room for improvement.

Life is good and there have been so many wonderful adventures along the way.

-grampa dan

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