Making the sparks fly

The work site was a whirlwind of activity all day. Peter worked on welding up the waterfall by the barrel bridge pond and made great progress. There is a LOT of welded pencil rod in this small area on all of the various planters and walls.

Jack, our new hire, was busy welding behind Peter, closing up all of the forms that Peter roughed out.

Matt was using my welder when I was busy on other tasks. Here he is finishing off a small bridge over the stream by the gold panning area in the Wilderness Adventure.

Just above the welders the ladies were busy tying the mesh to the welded steel armatures. Jenessa is in the foreground and Sarah is up on the ladder behind her. The walls of the planters that line the swtchback path to the lower area now have real form. They are almost ready for the concrete skin to be applied.

Marty spent another day stapling wire to the trading post building. For the upper reaches he donned a safty harness and went up in the snorkel lift. He made great progress!

We also installed three of the attraction signs in their permanent homes today. Here Chris holds the Wagon Wheel sign in position while Bert lays on some weld to fix it into place.

Stay tuned as we go at it again tomorrow...

-grampa dan

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