Pedal Power by the Hour - step two

It was a great day on site with three crew welding armatures and the rest attaching lath.The park is quickly taking shape.

After the regular hours were done I spent a little time in the shop geting two signs ready for the next stage. The park entrace sign is now ready for paint. I also cleaned up the 'Pedal Power By The Hour' sign which I glued a few days ago. That involved cleaning up the glue lines on the edges and adding a little random texture to the faces. It looks pretty cool already.

Then it was time to hoist it into position and weld it into place on top of the pole. Next I formed and welded up an armature, around which I will sculpt the bear on the unicycle that powers the gears. He does not look like much yet but he will quickly take shape when I start sculpting.

The sign is now ready for the sculpting to begin. I can hardly wait...

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment