Tying one on

Once the welding is done on the armatures, the electricians, plumbers, and sprinkler folks work through our areas to install the necessary wires, drainage and irrigation equipment. Then our crew returns to attach the galvanized lath, painstakingly cut to size, fitted and tied into place. It is a tough job that no one particularly enjoys but it is necessary to do it absolutely right. The fiberglass reinforced concrete will soon follow, hiding everything that came before and giving solid form to our imaginary creatiive designs. One of the areas that has the most of this kind of work is the swtitchback path into the Wilderness Adventure. This is where the bulk of our crew have been hanging out of late. If you look close you can see Jenessa, Ashley, Sarah and Hailey working in this picture.

Nine of our crew were busy tying wire today while three others were busy welding the frames to keep ahead. Tomorrow we do it all over again. The park is quickly taking shape. Tying one on isn't a form of recreation for our crew!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment