Final presentation

The big media unveiling for the project in Trinidad is at the end of the month which is quickly approaching. To get ready for that even I am working on a series of renderings for each of the attractions we plan to build and install. I had previously done individual drawings of all the elements but this go around the drawings show a little more information. As some of those original drawings were done some time ago it is a great way to refresh my memory about each aspect of the project plus work out a few of the details not yet completed.

The bumper boat pool will have a giant mechanical Kraken emerging from one end. The Kraken will be a great element, adding excitement to the bumper boat pool and the monster will also function as a photo opportunity for guests in the courtyard of the park.

The Pirate Express has been shared previously on this blog but the drawing i had done was a flat side view and just the engine. I needed to do a full rendering to get a handle of the scale of the bits and pieces and how it would fit with the cars trailing behind. Last night I finished that rendering. It will be a train like no other!

More drawings will emerge in the next few days as well. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks.

-grampa dan


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