Welding up a storm

Today we kept three welders busy all day. Chris' crew kept three more humming on other projects around the site. Each day we make a little more progress.

It was a landmark day as we substancially finished welding up framework for the mountain that covers one side of the building. Today Peter and I polished off the planters that hang over the stairs. Here's a shot looking down the stairs.

From further away the pencil rod hardly shows at this stage. Look close and you can see one little section of pencil rod missing at the bottom of the stairs.

From further way the rocks that are already pre-meshed stand out from the mountain. The sprinkler and drainage system will be installed early next week and then we will add the mesh to this portion of the park. The concrete skin is not too far away.

Underneath the swing ride platform on the bumper boat island it is taking shape nicely. We save this area for when it rains. With the rapic progress here it is obvious we've had too much rain of late.

Over in the Wilderness Adventure Chris' crew was busy putting in the supports that will hold the climbing net to the tree house. As soon as they are done we'll add the framework to make them look like giant logs.

The framework for the last of the themed railings will soon be done and our crew will follow getting them ready to be themed. It is a busy place every day as we race towards opening day... just a little more than three months distant. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment