Sweating the small stuff

They say we shouldn't sweat the small stuff but with most of the large pre-fabricated pieces now finished and installed on-site the shop is now full of smaller pieces. With the last snowstorm of the season (hopefully) currently blowing through I am readying the shop for a full crew on Monday morning. 

The CNC router will be working straight through the weekend and there are already four signs glued up and ready for paint. The features which we mudded and sculpted last week will also get their paint this coming week. There are plenty of pieces wired and ready for the sculpted concrete and another big pile of weled frames ready for the mesh to be tied.

We also will be doing some detailed epoxy sculpting this coming week. 

We'll make the very best of the time we have to spend in the shop.

It is definitely time to sweat the small stuff.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment