While the cold winter wind blew outside we were snug and warm in the shop working up a storm of our own. It surely was just a little crowed but the crew made the most of it. Lots was accomplished today. The most visible project was the tree house roof. The siffits, gables and top two thirds of the roof were trowelled thick with fiberglass-reinforced-concrete and then we carved in the heavy woodgrain. The piece suddenly looked pretty big. As usual, the upside down bits like the soffits took the longest to get right.

The first ticket booth also got the bulk of it's wire and also it's first mud today. The center portion of the bridge support recieved it's final paint this afternoon. Tomorrow it will get pushed outside, making room for some more pieces. The press is on to get things done... and the crew is doing well!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment