The more experience I get in this business, the more I realise that my projects can only get better if I rely on collaboration with others to influence the things I do. I've learned it many times over with my crew. I bring the initial idea to the table and then allow them to interpret the designs. In the process things often change a little (or a lot), sometimes in ways I never imagined. 

As we get further into the final design of the Trinidad project I am involving a whole new set of professionals and collaborators. I'm working with train builders, rock fabricators, ride manufacturers and many others. As I get into the details I realize I still have a whole lot to learn. By surrounding myself with experts (in their fields) I know we can make the project so much better. I have to do my homework of course, due diligence to make sure these folks know their stuff and have a proven track record. As I seek proposals and bids I most often find the cheapest price is not necessarily the best value. The search for working partners involves interviews with lots of back and forth conversations. As always, I look for people who are passionate about what they do. While they certainly need to make a profit at their part of the project I am also looking for people who fall in love with the project as much as I. In the end I want everybody to be more than a little proud of what we accomplish, to create a dream project we can all look back on and say "THAT WAS FUN!" If we can make that the case I know I will get their very best work.

Today, I spoke at length with a climbing wall builder with an impresive track record. It didn't take long for me to understand his passion for his craft. He enthusiastically suggested a few changes and additions to make our wall better and unlike anything ever built before. 

By the end of the day we had exchanged numberous emails as well with the design quickly evolving and developing. We are down to the wire with last minute changes and some sharpening of the pencils on details but it is looking good. This is going to be fun...

-grampa dan

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