More giant pieces in place

Today was a very big day on the work site for it was the day the big crane would lift the treehouse and bridge center support into place. Once again slow and easy was the game plan. Each feature involved two large and very high pieces. The treehouse was first and it went smoothly.

Now we can finish off the roots and upper branches. 

The center support for the swinging bridges was next. The bottom was easy and quick. The top section required a little more precise manouvering but it all went smoothly. It sure changed the look of the whole area in an instant! 

We have a few more small pieces to paint and install before we can measure up all of the swinging bridge ropes and netting. With four long swinging bridges this is going to be a very popular and spectacular centerpiece for the Wilderness Adventure Play Park! Stay tuned as it comes together...

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment