Taking our sign for a coffee

Today was delivery day for five large pieces. The crane truck arrived bright and early. The first and biggest piece was loaded onto my client's trailer and he headed up to the work site up at the lake. Then we loaded the second piece onto my truck and I headed up to the lake to drop it off. We ran back and forth twice with the treehouse roof loaded onto the crane truck for delivery.

As we loaded the last piece onto Chris' truck he smiled and said he was so proud of the work we were doing he was going to take the sign into town for a coffee. That would translate into he wanted to show it off to all who would look. I thought he was joking but when I arrived up at the lake with my last piece Chris was no where to be seen. He actually did take a detour to get a coffee in town. He said he had to take up six parking spaces (right in front of the coffee shop of course) while he ran in to get a coffee. He thoroughly enjoyed the instant crowd that gathered around his truck to get a closer look. 

It sure is nice to have a client appreciate each and every piece we are doing for him!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment