Bamboo forest

When we were in Florida a few weeks ago we toured some mini golfs to see what kinds of things were new. We found some great golf courses with some pretty cool features. But we also noted some things we missed. One of them was conssitent and bold numbering on each hole. 

As we designed the Trinidad project we purposely designed in a few repeating elements to tie everything together. One of those things was the style of the hole markers. They needed to be bold, simple and consistent. The design we settled on was oversized, random length 'bamboo' sticks with the numbers incised clearly. We sculpted most of them today.

The eighteenth hole marker is yet to come as I have to first design and route a sign to define the scoring rules of the last hole. It will attach the sign to the post before it is sculpted. In the shop the post look like a forest of bamboo.

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments