Climbing turtle

The latest sign to be started is for two attractions - Walk the Plank and Skull Rock Scramble. Since the attractions share the same space we decied to combine the signs. I had already done the design for the jump attraction and would keep it for the top portion of the sign. I extended the bottom of the 'rock' and added Skull Rock Scramble. 

This portion of the sign would be routed in three layers and I will laminate a sturdy steel frame inside. This is what the routing file looked like. Once glued up it will get lots of hand work to make it look like the concept drawing.

routing file.png

It is our intent to feature all of the Gruffles on the signs. On this one we decided that Webster would be climbing the wall. Webster of course resembles a pirate turtle of sorts. I did a quick sketch to work out the idea. Webster will be clinging to the corner of the sign. The tortoise will be hand sculpted.

Late this afternoon I got a chance to begin the sculpt and managed to finish most of the shell. We'll attach this to the sign and then finish off the limbs and head. The riveted brass plate patch was a last minute addition.

Tomorrow the work continues. Stay tuned...

Dan SawatzkyComment