The first roof is on!

The artificial thatch we ordered when we were at the theme park trade show in Florida finally arrived. We couldn't wait to give it a test drive. It was easy to attach some to the roof of one of the ride operator's booths. The 'bamboo and wood' structure instantly became even more tropical and looked fabulous!

The roof is actually very high tech. Recycled plastic decking planks are fastened to the steel framing, but are put on upside down to look good from the inside. On top of this is a thick, self sealing peel and stick rubber membrane. The thatch reeds are synthetic, multi-colored and multi-length and bound with stainless steel. It is certified to withstand 140 mph winds. The thatch is fireproof and designed to last at least twenty-five years, even in areas of high UV like Trinidad. It also looks very natural.

With the small learning curve of the new material now out of the way we will gear up to do a few more of the roofs next week. Stay tuned for more pictures...

Dan SawatzkyComment