One, two, three, GONE!

It is always exciting to bring in a crane and lift a feature into place. To lift three containers FULL of features all in one day is much more so.

When I came out of the house this morning the massive crane and the trucks were waiting at the gate. It was the long awaited day to load the first loads for Trinidad. Manouvering the crane into position was tricky as the space was very tight with inches of clearance on each side. We had a wonderful operator, calm and professional. The truck drivers were also great to work with as well. We wasted no time in hooking up the first container, lifting it and then backing the truck underneath.

Fortunately we could lift the second container without repositioning the machine. 

The third container was at the front of the property, near the gate which meant we had to pull in the outriggers and repostion the crane. This lift also went very smooth. It was a simple matter of backing the truck under the load and then dropping it into position.

In just under two hours, the first three containers were on their way to Trinidad. The yard looks strangely empty with the containers gone but it won't remain that way for long as there are plenty of features ready to fill the next containers which will soon arrive. Stay tuned for more excitement...

Dan SawatzkyComment