Tree sculpt - part two

Twenty years ago we visited the then brand-new Disney ToonTown and saw some exquisite sculpted concrete work for the first time. Peter and I spent hours studying it and puzzling over how it was accomplished. When we went home we managed to duplicate some of what we saw in our own work. In the last twenty years we have worked hard to build up our skills and add to our bag of tricks in order to create this same kind of magic ourselves but in our own style. Now there's not much we can't imagine and then create. Even so we are always looking to add more and right from the concept drawing, the tree we started this week was planned to expand on our previous skills. The bare branches used a different kind of texture than we've used before. The bark, which was done would use a very thick, horizontal, and curled lines. They would be subtley textured in places and also carry deep cuts to create wonderful shadow lines.

It was with great anticipation and excitement we worked on the tree today...

Today we polished off the sculpt of the treehouse. Next week the painters will make it look like it's been growing there for a hundred years. The house that sits on top and it's roof are already done. I can hardly wait to see the whole thing assembled in Trinidad!

Dan SawatzkyComment