Giant bamboo

Today we pushed the giant tree frame for the treehouse into the shop.It was the day we would start on the sculpted concrete skin. Too large to be completed in a day or even two we began with the hard parts. Today's job was everything upside down and the bamboo. It was an ambitious goal but the crew was up to the challenge. They only had to work ten minutes of overtime to complete the tricky structure. Netting will be tied between the bamboo posts to allow kids to climb up to or down from the treehouse. A swinging bridge will attach to the other side of the treehouse which will be perched on top.

Here's the view the kids will see from the top - with a net in place of course.

Tomorrow we begin sculpting the giant tree. We'll be carving it in a style that is brand new to us. It's going to be fun!

Dan SawatzkyComment