Documenting every piece

It's soon time for another site visit to Trinidad. We'll be meeting with architects, builders and various other groups and making presentations regarding the progress to date. We'll also be doing a layout on the site to get a feel of how everything will physically fit together. In anticipation of the trip it is time to gather all the photos of the work completed to date, making sure everything is properly documented. I spent the day sorting, compiling and filling in the inevitable gaps in our photographs.

The photos I have taken for this journal certain took care of the bulk of what is required but surprisingly there were a quite a number of missed photos of features. Here's a small sampling of what we missed...

anchor in paint.png
forked log in mud.png
hollow log in paint.png
operators booth wired.png
twister sign in progress.png
gate frame.png
small treasure chest.png

Tomorrow afternoon the first container arrives and the next day the loading process begins. The next chapter in this exciting build has begun. Stay tuned...

Dan SawatzkyComment